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Klaus Steinweg (Germany)

I've been using this steam method for years. Two remarks:1. A "vigorous" boil is a waste of energy. The steam will not get hotter than 100 deg C. It is sufficient to ensure that all the steam which condensates at the cool egg is replaced by the boiling water. Just add enough energy so that a little bit of steam always escapes from the lid. 2. Following advise #1, much less water than one inch is sufficient. Just make sure there is enough water to prevent the pot from getting dry at the end.

Patrick Delahanty

Been doing this for years. My best results are at 6 and a half minutes for soft-boiled. I do put the cooked egg in tap water to cool shell briefly and have had no trouble peeling. I slice in half lengthwise and place on toast. Delicious.

David McFarren

If you get confused as to whether an egg has been cooked or not, a very simple test will give you the answer. A hard boiled egg will spin like a top but an uncooked egg will fall over immediately. Voila!


For those of us who don't read the instructions all the way through before beginning, lower the eggs into the pot AFTER the water is boiling (maybe you could edit/add to Step 1 above). Step 2 should also say that pot is covered during cooking. Best recipe I've found to ensure (almost) perfect boiled eggs - I use a steamer basket over the water for what it's worth.


About the "vigorous" boil. Yes, the temperature is the same BUT, the heat transfer coefficient is higher as the speed of the steam-water mix over the surface of the egg is higher.If you are only "steaming" the vigorous boil will make your water boil faster so the steam will move faster over the egg, increasing again the heat transfer AND making a more hom*ogeneous temperature profile.I am a Mechanical Engineer that worked on similar problems for the Oil Industry.


I boil eggs weekly, here's how:Start with cold tap water, fully cover eggs, BOIL for 90 seconds. Turn off the heat, cover pan, let sit 13 minutes.Drain, dry, put in fridge in container of your choice. Mine peel easy, here's how:Crack shell into tiny pieces, use a knuckle or shake them in a jar.Place egg in cup of hot tap water 1-2 minutes.Water gets in between egg and membrane.They peel easily; I often peel entire shell as one long string.No special equipment needed. Do try it.

Elliott Wang

There's a note above from a Klaus Steinweg alleging that a vigorous boil is no different from a light boil because the steam gets no hotter than 100 deg C. He is absolutely wrong because even if the temperature is no hotter, the concentration of steam (water molecules) in the pot can vary and therefore also the exposure and transfer of heat.


Huh (gulp). No ice bath. OK, tried it. Cooked mine 12 minutes for a hard yolk. Worked! BTW, the dot is uneccesary. If in question, just spin the egg; hard boiled eggs spin easily without drama, raw eggs spin all wobbly, if at all.

Marc from São Paulo by way of San Francisco

There is no mention of the size of the eggs. Large, XL, Jumbo. This would seem to make a difference with cooking time at least. Does it? And though I wouldn’t expect size to make difference in peelability, any thoughts about that?

Neil Edward

I still like the method of boiling enough water to cover the eggs, putting the eggs in the pan, covering the pan, removing from the heat and waiting 12 minutes with the lid on. My eggs always come out perfect.


Lots of people in these comments (even the "helpful" ones) either haven't read the associated article or don't seem to believe in the scientific method.- No, the pushpin doesn't make the eggs easier to peel.- Yes, this technique has been published before elsewhere (by the same author).- No, it is not helpful to shock the eggs in cold water.- No, fresh eggs do not peel any more or less cleanly than store bought.


This recipe overlooks the fact that (in my observation) the best hard boiled eggs are made in an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker according to the electronic recipe for eggs:The eggs are placed on a steamer tray above one cup of water. Pressure is set to medium and time to 5 minutes. Peeling is easy and perfect, the cooking is uniform, and the flavor is better than I ever got by boiling.

Jane Mika

If you raise chickens (as I do) or purchase FARM FRESH eggs, you know how difficult fresh eggs are to peel after boiling. I have found that the only way to ensure easy peeling is to follow the above directions and shock them in iced water till cool. Fresh eggs have to be handled differently from store bought eggs.


I already follow this recipe, and they are still difficult to peel. I remember as a kid, I never had trouble peeling eggs. Once you find the membrane, it should be easy. Not now. The membrane usually sticks to the egg itself. Very frustrating.


After my own experiments, I have used this method for a year now, and I was so excited about it, I shared it with everybody. I still pop the eggs immediately into ice water, as I thought that was the step that caused the eggs to slip right out of their shells. Now I'll skip that step, too. Thank you! And more thanks for innovative and tasty ways to use them!


My very first recipe comment. Just follow the instructions. Easiest boiled egg recipe ever… works every time and no longer requires me to look it up.

Custos Libros

I steam my eggs for 15 minutes and then use that plastic jar gizmo some brilliant engineer designed to “peel” the eggs. The inside of the gizmo has little bumpers. You fill it about halfway with water, put the egg in, shake and in 10 seconds the shell slides off. Requires a touch of practice on a couple of eggs, but once you have the technique, it is like magic.

Mimi A.

PERFECT soft-boiled eggs at 6 minutes, following the directions as written. One of my favorite foods, a childhood favorite.

Marty Chapo

I put an inch of water and my steamer basket in a saucepan. Covered the pan. Brought the water to a full boil and gently placed 5 eggs in, straight from the fridge (and fresh—purchased 2 days prior). Steamed for 10 minutes on a full boil. Removed the cooked eggs to a plate to cool, then marked them and put them back in egg carton. Peeling eggs in the past has been something I dreaded. I’m gobsmacked at the results here—so easy to peel, and no sticking!. My life is complete! :)


I've used a different technique for decades, but after trying this, decided mine is much easier:Place eggs in a pan; add cold water to cover by an inch or so.Cover pan, set on the heat and bring just to a boil. As soon as it is boiling, remove from heat.After 15 minutes, drain against the side of your sink, but before adding cold water,Jiggle the pan around to gently crack all the eggs.Then add a few changes of cold water and finally some ice.Eggs are always perfect and so easy to peel!


I don’t know why there are so many negative comments. I just made these following Kenji’s instructions. They are beautifully cooked and they are the easiest boiled eggs I’ve ever peeled. I notoriously struggle to peel eggs and I always put them in ice baths. This is actually the perfect boiled egg method and I think everybody should use it.

Paul Plasky

You can write on eggs with a pencil. as my grandmother did 100 years ago.

Cee Cee

Eggshells are porous. A colored marker's ink will seep through and leave it's color on the egg white. (Been there, done that.) I now use a pencil and write an H on the side. No spinning (and therefore dropping) uncooked eggs.


Great recipe! Perfect eggs that are easy to peel every time.

janet M

Contrary to tip, dropping hard boiled eggs in ice water for about 1 minutes makes them much easier to peel.

Fast Marty

jacques pepin is my north star. make small pinhole in fat end of egg. place gently into softly boiling water for 10 minutes. ice water plunge. shells come off easy-peasy and no sulphur odor. Tender and delicious.

Ben Lee

This is my go to method for making “hard boiled” eggs since I first read this article. I use a bamboo steamer. I place the eggs on the steamer and then move the steamer over the heat once it is boiling. I no longer have to worry about cracked egg shells.

Denise Price

The best ever Instant pot. 5/6 minutes high pressure, 5 minute rest, release steam, 5 minute ice bath. Peel. Amazing

Barbara S.

Instant Pot: 1 cup of water in the pot, eggs in a steamer basket, custom set to 6 minutes on high, 6 minutes on rest, release pressure and take out, 6 minutes ice bath. Play around with 5-5-5 or 7-7-7 to get the kinds of yolks you prefer.


I am a complete convert to this method. Tried it repeatedly and it never failed me.

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Perfect Boiled Eggs Recipe (2024)
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