Left Right Bridal Shower Game - How To Play & Story Suggestion (2024)

Have you heard of the left right bridal shower game? If not, you absolutely MUST play it at your next shower! It’s so easy to learn, and even easier to play, but it’s SUPER fun! Just keep reading to learn how it works. I’ll even give you a story suggestion!

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How Do You the Play Left Right Bridal Shower Game

The best part of this bridal shower game is the gifts, so you’ll need to prep ahead of time. Generally, the number of gifts is 1/3rd (or less) of the number of guests playing. In other words, if you have 6 players, buy two gifts. For 9 players, buy 3, and so on. Wrap them up before the party.

Instructions for Game Play Time

When it’s time to play, arrange your guests in a circle and randomly hand out your gifts. Make sure you tell them NOT to open them, otherwise it’s game over before you’ve even started.

Let everyone know the rules. Every time you say the word “left,” the guests have to pass the gifts to their left and vice versa when you pronounce the word “right.” At the end of the game, the people left holding the gifts get to keep them.

That’s basically the gist of the rules. Easy, right? Sounds kind of boring though, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, here comes the FUN part: making up the story! See, you’re not just shouting out “left!” or “right!” all willy-nilly, you’re incorporating the words into a romantic tale worthy of a bridal shower.

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What makes the Left Right Game Special?

Many people regard this classic game as a fun game suitable for wedding trivia. It is a favorite bridal shower game for those who enjoy storytelling.

The creativity feature of the game is what makes it very special. Being a story game, you have the free reins to tell just about any tale.

If the group involved in this bridal shower activity is one that loves silly games, the storyteller can tell a funny story that sounds silly.

Your story can include Guest lists, famous couples and so on. This activity is also special in the sense that it has a ‘pass the prize’ feature that aids the interaction of party guests, just like ‘musical chairs’.

You can incorporate other amazing ideas that make the story easier to follow. For example, you can write the story on a piece of paper or slips of paper which every guest will have a short time to glance at.

This awesome game is also an avenue to tell the couple’s special wedding story to close friends before the wedding reception.

Story Suggestion for Left Right:

While there are a lot of stories that you can use for this game, I suggest a sweet wedding story like this one. FYI, you can customize it for two brides by changing a few simple words. For example, change “Mr. Right” to “Mrs. Right.”

“(Bride’s name) had stopped searching for Mr. RIGHT when she came across (groom’s name). It was RIGHT in the gut that she had the butterflies when she saw him. Mr. RIGHT often LEFT days on business. She felt LEFT out but she knew she shouldn’t. It didn’t feel RIGHT to ask Mr. RIGHT to switch his job. She knew the path of love was RIGHT and she stuck RIGHT to it.

Mr. RIGHT knew how she felt LEFT behind, so he LEFT his job and took one RIGHT near home. Now his office was RIGHT across hers. Every day, they LEFT for work together and then turned RIGHT and LEFT to their respective offices.

In the evenings they LEFT at different times but had lunch together RIGHT across the street. It wasn’t long before Mr. RIGHT popped the question, “You do love me, RIGHT?” She had the RIGHT answers and before long they were engaged.

When the time felt RIGHT, a date was set for the wedding. In the excitement, a lot of things had been LEFT undone. Finally, though, Mrs. RIGHT found just the RIGHT wedding dress and flowers. That only LEFT the rings and the venue!

She found the perfect wedding band staring her RIGHT in the face as she LEFT work one day. It was sitting there RIGHT in the front of the jewelry store on LEFT-RIGHT Avenue. She called the brand and found the RIGHT fit.

When she LEFT to pick up the rings, the RIGHT idea for her wedding day venue came into her mind. She wanted to get married RIGHT on the beach. Mr. RIGHT agreed and the invitations were dispatched.

The bridesmaids and the maid of honor LEFT to prepare everything to perfection. The RIGHT cake, the RIGHT decorations, everything had been LEFT to her good judgment by Mr. RIGHT. The decision, of course, proved RIGHT as everything went RIGHT and they LEFT the beach RIGHT at sunset, happily married.”

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First, to make things even easier for you, I’ve added our story to this handy free printable. Just download it and print it out! Or you can save it to your phone and read it if you want to save it on paper and printer ink.

If you don’t love our story, you can definitely make up your own. As you can see, the key is to include the words “left” and “right” within the context of the tale.

When I play with my friends, I try to really mix things up by leaving chunks of the story without either word. Then, just when they’re starting to think “Uh, she clearly doesn’t know how to play this game,” I go wild with them! It really makes things crazy and fun!


What type of games do you play at a bridal shower?

There are plenty of bridal shower game ideas that you can do individually or as a group. The main idea of the party game is to make the bridal shower less boring and to break the ice among your guests so it’s best to go with games that are fun for everyone.

How many games should be played at a bridal shower?

The ideal number of games that you should play at a bridal shower is three. This is a good number if your party will last a total of three hours. It’s not too much or too little games to play, just enough to get your guests pumped up.

What’s The Bride Thinking game?

What’s The Bride Thinking game is a fun activity that you can play at a bridal shower. The bride-to-be will be put on the spotlight as everyone tries to read what’s in her mind after finishing a phrase.
A tip to make it even more exciting: bring on the naughty phrases!

Do you eat first at a bridal shower?

You can serve light appetizers while waiting for all of your guests to arrive at a bridal shower. Once everyone has settled down, you can start playing games to break the ice.
After playing three games, you can start eating and drinking while talking to other guests. And when everyone is finished eating, the main event/opening gifts can be done since it usually takes place while everyone’s having dessert and coffee.

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What type of story would you tell for the left right bridal shower game? Share below!

Left Right Bridal Shower Game - How To Play & Story Suggestion (3)


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Left-Right Bridal Shower Game

The left-right bridal shower game is a popular activity played during bridal showers. It adds an element of fun and excitement to the event, while also providing an opportunity for guests to interact with each other. The game involves passing gifts from left to right and vice versa based on certain cues.

Number of Gifts:

To play the left-right bridal shower game, you will need to prepare a specific number of gifts. Generally, the number of gifts should be around one-third or less of the number of guests playing the game. For example, if you have six players, you would buy two gifts. If there are nine players, you would buy three gifts, and so on. Make sure to wrap the gifts before the party to keep them a surprise.

Game Instructions:

When it's time to play the game, gather the guests in a circle and distribute the wrapped gifts among them. Advise the guests not to open the gifts until the game starts. Explain the rules of the game to everyone. The key is to pass the gifts to the left when the word "left" is mentioned and to the right when the word "right" is mentioned.

Storytelling Element:

To make the game more engaging and entertaining, incorporate a storytelling element into the left-right cues. Instead of simply saying "left" or "right," you can use these words to create a romantic tale related to weddings or the couple getting married. The story can include elements such as guest lists, famous couples, or other creative ideas to make it more interesting.

Example Story:

This article offers a story suggestion for the left-right bridal shower game. It tells a sweet wedding story that can be customized for different couples. The story revolves around the journey of the bride and groom, incorporating the words "left" and "right" to guide the gift passing. This example story adds a personal touch to the game and makes it more enjoyable for the participants.


The left-right bridal shower game is a simple yet entertaining activity that can be played at bridal showers. By incorporating storytelling and passing gifts based on left-right cues, the game becomes more engaging and fun for the guests. Remember to prepare the appropriate number of gifts and provide clear instructions before starting the game. Enjoy the experience and create lasting memories at your next bridal shower!

Left Right Bridal Shower Game - How To Play & Story Suggestion (2024)
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