Digital Banking | Proudly Serving Central New York (2024)

Online Banking

Free to all Pathfinder Bank customers

    • Effortlessly move money
      • Transfer money between your Pathfinder Bank accounts
      • Transfer funds between eligible internal or external accounts
      • Pay your bills
    • View real-time balances
    • Enhanced notifications and premium transactional and anti-fraud alerts
    • Personal Financial Management system to track spending
    • View electronic copies of your account statements
    • View transactions in a statement format
    • View past account history
    • Search history by check number, amount, or date range
    • Export history to popular personal finance programs
    • Reorder checks
    • Request stop payments

Digital Receipts

Never hunt for a receipt again.

Keep all your receipts in your back pocket. Save and organize your receipts digitally using the Pathfinder Mobile Banking app.

It pays to be prepared

Imagine if you never missed a return window or tax claim; or if you never exceeded your monthly budget.There’s value in saving your receipts and tracking where your money is going, but overstuffed wallets and envelopes of faded receipts are messy. You deserve a better solution.

Now, you can simply snap, save, and go. Gain peace of mind that your receipts are securely stored in your mobile banking app. When managing receipts is this easy, so is recovering your money.

Introducing a helpful, yet delightfully simple tool

  • Paper & Electronic Receipt Capture
    • Capture paper receipts in a snap. Or, forward along your email receipts.
  • Folders, Notes & Tags
    • Group expenses in custom folders such as gas, kids’ expenses, or trips. Add notes and tags so they’re easy to look up later.
  • Search & Filter
    • Quickly retrieve the receipts you need. Search and filter by item, category, or any other content found on the receipt.
  • Receipt Exports
    • Convert and send receipts along with key information into .pdf, .csv, or pre-filled Microsoft Excel™ expense reports.
  • Return & Warranty Reminders
    • Be reminded of lapsing return or warranty periods so you never miss your window.
  • Enhanced Digital Receipts
    • Have your receipts categorized for you, with key information extracted for clarity. You’ll have one tap access to transaction details, barcodes, and store information.1

How it works:

Step 1: Login to the Pathfinder Mobile Banking App.

Step 2: Select Receipts from the “More” menu.

Step 3: For paper receipts, simply snap a photo.

Step 4: Tag the expense as a personal vs. a business one. File it in a folder if needed.

Step 5: Key purchase information is extracted for you. Validate, and hit “Save”.


1Subject to quality of receipt capture, and availability of data

Bill Pay

Pay bills using your Pathfinder Bank account all through one screen

    • Eliminate postage fees
    • Reduce paper waste
    • Bank according to your own schedule
    • Pay bills, companies, and individuals
    • Set up recurring payments
    • Schedule payments in advance
    • Make one-time payments
    • Highest level of security
    • Visit our FAQ page for more information about bill pay.


Enroll for eStatements and you’ll have access 24/7 online.

No need to store, shred, or worry if they’ll get lost or stolen in the mail. eStatements have the same look and value as a traditional statement - you can download and print them yourself too! Enroll in eStatements today1.

  • Free to all of our online banking customers
  • View the same information that's on your paper statement
  • Reduce chances of fraud and identity theft
  • Statements are easy to download, print, or save
  • Receive email notice when new e-Statement is ready
  • Your eStatements are available online via Online Banking for up to 18 months, making it easier for record keeping and tax preparation
  • Environmentally friendly

Get Started

It's easy to go paperless! Already an online banking user?

  • Login to your online banking
  • Click on the Documents tab (make sure popups are allowed)
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and enter the code that you see at the end of the terms into the space provided
  • Verify your email address and click accept
  • You will be directed to the eStatements portal from here

Online statements will be available for 18 months beginning with the first statement after you decide to go paperless. You may make changes to your statement settings by contacting us at (315) 343-0057 or (800) 811-5620.

1There is a service fee to receive paper checking account statements in the mail beginning March 1, 2020. Refer to fee schedule.

Mobile Banking

Download our Mobile App and securely access your accounts from almost anywhere using your existing Online Banking Username and Password.

  • Fast, free, and secure service for customers enrolled in online banking*
  • Easily keep track of your finances — even on the go:
    • Deposit checks
    • Effortlessly move money
      • Transfer money between your Pathfinder Bank accounts
      • Transfer funds between eligible internal or external accounts
      • Pay your bills with Bill Pay
    • Receive mobile alerts (Manage Alerts in online banking)
    • View account balances
    • Establish budgets, monitor and track your spending, and set goals to save money or pay down debt with Personal Finance2
    • Stay organized with Digital Receipts - save and organize receipts for taxes, store returns, warranties, and more
    • Find ATM locations
  • Download our mobile banking app for iPhone®and Android
  • Use your fingerprint or facial features to quickly and easily sign on to our mobile app (on supported devices)
  • View accounts via mobile browser, text3, or downloadable app

To learn more about our mobile banking options, please visit the mobile banking FAQ page.

1There is no charge from Pathfinder Bank for mobile or text banking. However, you should review your mobile device plan for any fees that your service provider may charge.

2To access Personal Finance, log in to Online Banking. After enrolling online, enjoy the tool in the Pathfinder Bank Mobile app.

3To access Text Banking and Mobile Alerts, log in to Online Banking and click on the Administration tab. From there, select Mobile Banking and follow the onscreen instructions.

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is a secure service that allows you to deposit paper checks into an eligible Pathfinder Bank account from anywhere using your mobile device.

    • Free service for customers with a Pathfinder Bank checking account
    • Just a few quick clicks to deposit checks in minutes
    • You'll receive an immediate confirmation e-mail that your deposit has been submitted, and another when it is approved
    • Save time — skip an extra trip to the bank
    • Visit our FAQ page for more information about mobile deposit

Personal Finance

Personal Finance, created by MX, is a powerful digital money management solution that has been seamlessly integrated with Pathfinder Bank’s Personal Online Banking. Personal Finance makes it easy to track your budgets, set goals, monitor transactions and categorize your spending. Forget about logging in to multiple accounts to view your finances. Now you can see all your accounts, balances, and transactions in one secure location. Best of all, Personal Finance is even accessible from the Pathfinder Bank Mobile App.

  • Free to all our Personal Online Banking customers
  • Access all your financial accounts in one place
  • Get powerful insights on where, when, and how you spend
  • Tailor your budgets to your life by creating custom budget categories
  • Create, manage, and visualize your goals
  • Access your accounts anytime, anywhere via mobile

To access Personal Finance, simply log-in to your Online Banking and click the personal finance tab. After enrolling online, enjoy the tool in the Pathfinder Bank Mobile app.


Digital Banking | Proudly Serving Central New York (2024)
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