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One of the most popular colors for fall weddings is purple and its various shades as it’s elegant, chic and beautiful. Plum is one of the best shades of purple as it’s warm and sumptuous and can be easily paired with many other colors: pink, violet, emerald, navy, blue, gold, fuchsia and many others. We’ve gathered the most beautiful and chic plum wedding ideas that will inspire you to rock this shade at your wedding, take a look!

Plum-Colored Wedding Attire

If you are a bride and you aren’t ready to rock a plum-colored wedding dress, you can offer this shade to your bridesmaids. Matching and mismatching plum-colored bridesmaid dresses will be a nice solution for a fall wedding, and a pair of plum-colored shoes, plum-colored nails and lips can spruce up the bridal look, too. As for grooms and groomsmen, they can wear plum-colored suits and ties, they will bring ultimate elegance. Plum-colored cover ups and jackets are also a great idea for a fall wedding.

gorgeous purple velvet heels bring a touch of color and pure elegance to your look

plum-colored and deep purple mismatching bridesmaid dresses are amazing for a bold fall wedding

elegant plum-colored maxi bridesmaid dresses with straps and V-necklines are amazing

elegant and chic plum-colored strappy wedding shoes are a cool addition to a fall bridal look

beautiful mismatching plum-colored maxi bridesmaid dresses for a luxurious summer wedding

cool plum-colored midi bridesmaid dresses with V-necklines and no sleeves are cool for a fall wedding

elegant purple maxi bridesmaid dresses with criss-cross necklines and pleated skirts are a gorgeous idea for the fall

light grey, lilac, lavender, purple mismatching maxi bridesmaid dresses look nice and cool and catch an eye

a jaw-dropping plum-colored faux fur bridal cover up will make any fall bridal look ultimate and will bring a lot of color

a plum-colored groom suit with a thin black tie and black shoes is a gerat alternative to traditional black or grey

stylish deep purple maxi bridesmaid dresses with mismatching necklines and slits plus nude shoes are a gorgeous combo for a wedding

a chic plum-colored groom's suit with a matching tie and a white shirt for an ultimately elegant groom's look

fantastic plum-colored and fuchsia maxi bridesmaid dresses will be a gorgeous solution for a fall wedding with a sumptuous color palette

beautiful deep purple maxi bridesmaid dresses with halter illusion necklines and draped skirts look lovely and cool

super elegant plum-colored off the shoulder midi dresses with a deep V-neckline for a wow look at a fall or winter wedding

Plum-Colored Wedding Decor

Plum-colored blooms will make your wedding arch jaw-dropping and your wedding reception space ultimate. These can be ranunculus, roses, peonies, carnations and many other blooms, there are many flowers in such shades to choose from. Rock them with matching jewel tone blooms or juxtapose them and some coral, yellow or orange ones for a statement. Plum color can be integrated into your wedding decor with textiles like napkins, table runners and chair covers, with plum-colored candles and glasses, just don’t overdo, this is an intense shade.

a beautiful berry-tone wedding centerpiece with deep purple, pink, purple blooms, greenery and matching purple candles

a beautiful Christmas wedding centerpiece with peachy, red, burgundy, plum-colored blooms, a purple table runner and candles

a bold fall wedding bouquet with fuchsia, plum, deep purple and mauve blooms and greenery is amazing to rock

a bold fall wedding bouquet with mauve and plum-colored blooms and greenery plus a sphere shape is cool

a bold wedding bouquet with plum-colored, lilac blooms, greenery and bold leaves for an elegant fall wedding

a bright fall wedding bouquet with lilac, orange and plum-colored blooms, greenery and leaves is a catchy solution to rock

a catchy and contrasting violet, plum and white wedding bouquet with some greenery is a bold statement

a catchy and lovely wedding table setting with a plum table runner and glasses, neutral blooms and greenery, copper chargers and candleholders

a catchy plum, orange, blush and pink wedding bouquet will be a gorgeous solution for a fall bride

a catchyw edding bouquet with mauve, plum-colored, blush and white blooms and leaves is a lovely solution for a fall bride

a chic plum-colored tablescape with pink blooms and napkins, gold cutlery and candleholders, tall and thin candles

a chic wedding tablescape with neutral tablecloths, plum-colored napkins and glasses, tall candles and gold cutlery

a cool mauve, deep purple and plum-colored wedding bouquet with greenery is a catchy and bold idea

a dimensional and textural wedding bouquet with plum-colored, blue and orange blooms, leaves and ferns is wow

a fantastic textural wedding bouquet with lilac, pink and plum-colored blooms plus leaves and pink baby's breath is very chic

a gorgeous and chic jewel tone wedding centerpiece of pink, violet, purple and burgundy blooms and bold candles is wow

a gorgeous fall wedding bouquet of purple and burgundy blooms, yellow peony roses and greenery and neutral ribbon is a lovely idea

a gorgeous fall wedding tablescape with plum-colored velvet textiles, greenery, tall and thin candles and gold-rimmed glasses

a jaw-dropping wedding altar with fuchsia, pink, red and plum-colored blooms and fronds is amazing for the fall

a lovely textural wedding bouquet with plum-colored, neutral, deep purple and pink blooms, berries and leaves is wow

a lovely wedding bouquet with plum-colored and white blooms, berries, greenery and plum-colored ribbons is amazing

a lush and bold wedding tablescape with lots of plum-colored, pink and fuchsia blooms and pink candles is a very decadent idea for the fall

a plum-colored, pink and white wedding bouquet is a dreamy and catchy idea for a fall wedding

a purple, hot red floral wedding centerpiece with textural greenery and dark foliage is gorgeous for a moody fall wedding

a refined wedding tablescape with a bold plum and pink centerpiece and plum-colored napkins, a table number in a frame is chic

a sophisticated wedding tablescape with plum-colored blooms and napkins, greenery and greenery runners, gold-rimmed glasses

a stunning dimensional purple, lilac, coral and white wedding bouquet is amazing to add some color

a vibrant wedding bouquet of plum, hot pink, deep purple and light pink blooms and greenery for a bold wedding

an elegant plum-colored calla wedding bouquet with greenery and pampas grass is a cool and eye-catchy solution

an elegant wedding tablescape with a white, blush and plum floral centerpiece, violet candles, gold chargers and blueberries

a lovely relaxed wedding tablescape with a plum and lilac-colored floral centerpiece and candles is a chic idea for a fall wedding

an elegant wedding tablescape with gold chargers, purple and blush blooms and greenery, plum-colored napkins and a table runner

Plum-Colored Wedding Cakes

A plum-colored and maybe even flavored wedding cake will be a perfect finishing touch for such a wedding. It may feature various designs and details, and you may add color with plum-colored blooms if the cake is neutral. Get inspired to incorporate plum shades into your wedding decor!

a fantastic mauve and plum-colored wedding cake with godl leaf, bright blooms and leaves is wow

a purple mousse wedding cake topped with fresh edible blooms, berries and coconut is a gorgeous idea for a summer wedding

a plum-colored textural wedding cake decorated with ombre blooms coming up from the bottom and some leaves is wow

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Plum-Colored Wedding Ideas

The concept of using purple and its various shades, particularly plum, for fall weddings is a popular and elegant choice. Plum is favored for its warm and sumptuous appeal and its versatility in pairing with other colors such as pink, violet, emerald, navy, blue, gold, and fuchsia. This color scheme is known for creating a chic and beautiful ambiance for fall weddings, inspiring couples to incorporate it into various aspects of their special day.

Plum-Colored Wedding Attire

  • Bridesmaids: Plum-colored bridesmaid dresses, whether matching or mismatched, are a popular choice for fall weddings. They can be complemented with plum-colored shoes, nails, and lips to enhance the overall bridal look .
  • Grooms and Groomsmen: Plum-colored suits, ties, and cover-ups are recommended for an ultimate touch of elegance.

Plum-Colored Wedding Decor

  • Floral Arrangements: Incorporating plum-colored blooms such as ranunculus, roses, peonies, and carnations into wedding arches and reception spaces can create a jaw-dropping and ultimate ambiance. These blooms can be paired with matching jewel tone blooms or juxtaposed with coral, yellow, or orange ones for a statement.
  • Textiles and Candles: Plum color can be integrated into wedding decor through textiles like napkins, table runners, and chair covers, as well as plum-colored candles and glasses, while avoiding overdoing it due to the intensity of the shade.

Plum-Colored Wedding Cakes

  • Design and Details: A plum-colored wedding cake, possibly even flavored, with various designs and details, can serve as a perfect finishing touch for a wedding with this color scheme. Adding plum-colored blooms to a neutral cake can also enhance the incorporation of plum shades into the wedding decor.

These ideas and inspirations from the article showcase the elegance and beauty of incorporating plum-colored elements into various aspects of a fall wedding, from attire to decor and even the wedding cake.

For further insights and recommendations on wedding planning, color schemes, and decor, feel free to engage in a detailed discussion!

50 Inspiring And Sumptuous Plum Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania (2024)
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