16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (2024)

  • 11/06/2023

The rose is the most iconic flower, often synonymous with love and romance. Interestingly, there are two types of brides: those who adore them and those who find them too traditional. However, when the second group learns about the various types and the different bouquet arrangements, they usually end up loving them and developing a deep appreciation for roses. Not to mention their enchanting fragrance!

Roses come in many varieties, differing in size, color, and overall presence. For instance, there are English roses, also known as garden roses, which boast an abundance of petals reminiscent of peonies. On the other end, you have the delicate classic rose with its minimalistic elegance and fewer petals. The final aesthetic also hinges on how the roses are treated and arranged. They can be left closed or semi-closed, allowed to open naturally, or meticulously hand-opened petal by petal.

If you’re a fan of minimalism, consider a single stem of the opulent David Austin rose, or the delicate and sophisticated white O’Hara rose instead of a traditional bouquet. Bohemian brides can infuse roses into their wedding bouquet by layering them with dark or green-hued flowers and adding elements like succulents, dried flowers, berries, and trailing greenery. The result is a remarkably sultry and textured arrangement.

With their stunning array of colors, shapes, and textures, there are countless ways to incorporate this timeless flower into your bridal bouquet. Here, we present some exquisite rose bouquets expertly crafted by the talented Italian team at Motif Floral.

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Meet the expert

Motif Floral is a Rome-based floral studio founded by Roberta and Flaminia in September 2018. Their specialty lies in crafting contemporary and refined floral arrangements for destination weddings. They use local, seasonal flowers to create organic and stylish designs. Beyond weddings, they also undertake various floral design projects, tailoring arrangements to each couple’s preferences, ensuring that every wedding is truly unique. Their forte is their meticulous attention to detail, always with an elegant touch.

Below, you’ll find 16 stunning bouquets created by Motif Floral. Some are crafted entirely from roses, while others feature roses alongside various other blooms, adding their unique shapes and colors to the ensemble. Take a moment to savor these arrangements and imagine the delightful scent of the roses!

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (2)

This elegant bouquet features soft pastels and creams, combining roses and peonies. The lush petals add dimension. It is classic in composition but with an intriguing array of shades, making it both traditional and delightfully unique, and, of course, it is incredibly delicate and beautiful.

PHOTO Clarissa Vivirito

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (3)

A fabulous-looking bouquet boasts impeccable David Austin roses alongside classic white roses. It’s accentuated by peach and lemon-colored lisianthus and orange berries, with a touch of delicate, not typically lush green hydrangea. The bouquet is elegantly tied together with a wide dusty pink ribbon that has a white gold color insert.

PHOTO Elisa Rinaldi

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (4)

A bright and bold bouquet showcasing the beauty and variety of shapes and shades of roses and completed with dahlia in burgundy shade. We can easily imagine it at an autumn wedding, full of color.

PHOTO Ortica Wedding

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (5)

A creamy and green bouquet comprised of white garden roses, spray roses, eucalyptus, little pon pon dahlias, and small cranberry and lilac berries for a lovely color touch.

PHOTO Jay Studio

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (6)

One more variation on the theme of simple yet classic white-green bridal bundle – white garden roses and little pon pon dahlias are adorned with white berries, ginger tuberosa, and olive-hued astilbe.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (7)

This bountiful bouquet, both ethereal and beautiful, is white perfection comrised of lush poppies, garden and spray roses, ranunculus, and fragrant matiolla.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (8)

An incredible bouquet of deep color palette that you want to look at for a long time and in detail. Luxurious, sophisticated Magnolia denudata with soft pink inside and darker outside, red and fuchsia ranunculus, burgundy David Austin roses, dusty pink garden roses and scabiosa in various shades of pink.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (9)

A lovely, lush bouquet that sings an ode to the greenery of eucalyptus, and where bunches of tiny daisies give it a more natural, meadow look, and large coral, pink spray roses and white dianthus give it brightness and softness.

PHOTO Francesca Angrisano

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (10)

An amazing cascading bouquet made up of creamy off-white roses, white orchids, and pop of baby’s breath.

PHOTO Paola Lattarini

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (11)

Another bouquet with a subtle nod to harvest season combined vibrant orange-hued blooms like roses, poppies and ranunculus with textured grasses and crawling vines.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (12)

A modern and minimalistic monochromatic white rose bouquet made in a technique called reflexing where some of the outer petals are flipped out. The bouquet tied with a soft white fabric ribbon.

PHOTO Elisa Rinaldi

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (13)

The sunny, vivid bouquet comprised of orange ranunculus, viva magenta hue berries and snapdragon, bicolor dianthus, stunning peach orchid, and luxurious white and peach David Austin roses and perfect for summertime weddings.

PHOTO Captured with love photography

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (14)

A various pastel roses, scabiosa, and the grass bouquets round bouquet. This bouquet style is one of the most traditional bouquet types and a favorite for classic and formal weddings.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (15)

A memorable, colorful bouquet reflecting a bride’s bold personality. Roses surprise in their number of shades, and therefore will be an excellent colorful addition to many bouquets. Here, orange and fiery yellow roses are surrounded by fuchsia dahlias and pink, soft pink, white and coral peonies combine amazingly, creating the perfect composition of different textures and analogue colors.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (16)

Yet another beautiful pink garden roses bouquet making an impression thanks to stems of soft tiny white flowers, pink feathers and ribbons of two hues.

PHOTO Elisa Rinaldi

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (17)

A red-daring view on a classic bouquet accompanied by olive leaves, chosen to match the beautiful Umbria countryside.

PHOTO Daniele and Marilia

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My knowledge of roses extends to their different varieties, colors, and bouquet arrangements, as well as the art of incorporating them into wedding bouquets to create stunning and memorable floral displays. I have a keen understanding of the aesthetic nuances of roses, the impact of different varieties, and the interplay of colors and textures in creating captivating floral arrangements.

I'm well-versed in the techniques used to treat and arrange roses, including the process of leaving them closed or semi-closed, allowing them to open naturally, or meticulously hand-opening them petal by petal. Additionally, I have a comprehensive understanding of how to infuse roses into wedding bouquets, whether for minimalist, bohemian, or traditional bridal styles.

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The article delves into the timeless appeal of roses and their significance in bridal bouquets, featuring stunning creations by the talented Italian team at Motif Floral. The concepts covered in the article include:

  1. Types of Roses: The article highlights various types of roses, such as English roses (garden roses) with abundant petals reminiscent of peonies, as well as delicate classic roses with minimalistic elegance and fewer petals.

  2. Bouquet Arrangements: It discusses the art of bouquet arrangements, encompassing different approaches to incorporating roses into bridal bouquets, from minimalistic single stems to bohemian-inspired arrangements layered with other flowers, succulents, dried flowers, berries, and trailing greenery.

  3. Varieties, Colors, and Textures: The article emphasizes the stunning array of colors, shapes, and textures offered by roses, showcasing their versatility and the countless ways they can be incorporated into bridal bouquets to create captivating compositions.

  4. Floral Studio Expertise: The article introduces Motif Floral, a Rome-based floral studio renowned for crafting contemporary and refined floral arrangements for destination weddings, using local, seasonal flowers to create organic and stylish designs tailored to each couple's preferences.

  5. Bouquet Showcases: The article presents 16 exquisite rose bouquets created by Motif Floral, each showcasing the beauty and variety of roses alongside other blooms, demonstrating the studio's meticulous attention to detail and elegant touch in crafting unique and stunning floral arrangements.

The concepts covered in the article provide a comprehensive overview of the artistry and versatility of roses in bridal bouquets, highlighting their ability to evoke elegance, romance, and individual style, while showcasing the expertise of the floral design team at Motif Floral.

16 Beautiful Rose Wedding Bouquets - Wed Vibes (2024)
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